Our Photography Workshop Was Amazing!

In September we started our photography workshop in the Momentum program and it just so happened to be migration season for the Monarch Butterfly. So of course we had to build a workshop to try and capture this magnificent occasion!

This was unique already because it was a destination workshop, located at the Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge Center in Prairie City. They have a butterfly garden and trails that were perfect for exploring with a camera lens. The Momentum Program Coordinator provided participants with transportation to the Wildlife Refuge and although it was raining when they left, the Refuge was relatively dry and sunny.

Participants learned about operating their cameras in a lecture-style presentation and were able to ask questions from our experienced instructor, Annick. She has previously taught photography classes at DMACC and enjoys to share her passion with the participants in the Momentum program. After discussion and a quick tutorial, they set out to capture the butterflies that had stopped on the grounds of the Wildlife Refuge during their great migration! This workshop quickly became such a magical experience and will definitely become an annual workshop that Momentum will offer.

Check out our upcoming workshops HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/community-support-advocates-momentum-art-access-14500553285

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