LOUD: Living Our Unique Dreams

Recently, a young woman approached us about wanting to create a group for others like herself who are struggling with a mental health issue and need a safe space to express themselves. She already had a mission but she needed a safe space to make her vision happen.
Cherelle will be launching her new club LOUD this Saturday January 6, at 3pm at the Momentum Studio. LOUD stands for Living Our Unique Dreams. We are happy to support such a creative and driven young lady to lead a group of her peers.
Please share with your friends and family. This group will launch this Saturday, January 6 at 3pm, but plans to meet regularly every 4th Saturday of the month at 3pm. I would be happy to answer any questions. Here is Cherelle’s vision for LOUD

Mission – We are LOUD about our dreams and our visions of our self. Being loud we are not silent about our passion for creativity in every sense of the word. You no longer have to be silent about your vision here in this group feel free to be bold and live out Loud

About LOUD – Loud will be a safe haven for a group of passionate, vibrant writer’s of all kinds. If you write poetry, song lyrics, non fiction ,play writers whatever your passion we love it and embrace it. We will have open Mic nights some will sing their songs others will share their poems. Some will do both. Also I want people who write plays to have projects too like put on plays that they have written I will help anyway I can. I also want to work on a web series so any one who knows videography can come along. I will also be making Tshirts so others will know who we are and we will sell them to raise money for our projects. Bottom line this will be our family. Loud stands for Living Our Unique Dreams. Lets do it together

Mission Statement-We are Loud about Change,passion,and purpose.

Creator-Cherelle Evans

Thanks & Giving

Momentum is thankful for all the support we received during our Grand Open earlier this month! Thank you for taking notice of our talented artists and even purchasing some of their work. You have made their holiday a little more bright with your words of encouragement. Thank you for attending! Now that our studio is open, we will have open hours for artists to come in and work or meet with a mentor. Artists interested in getting set up with a mentor will need to contact the Momentum Program Coordinator Shannon Kaster at shannonk@teamcsa.org or stop by during open studio hours to chat! We look forward to meeting with you!

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Momentum Studio Grand Opening November 9th from 4-7pm

We are excited to announce that the Momentum Art Studio will have it’s grand opening on November 9th from 4-7pm located in Mainframe Studios at 900 Keo Way, Des Moines, IA 50314. We will provide guests with a walking tour to showcase how Community Support Advocates is making a huge impact in the community with the launch of the Momentum program. Visitors will be invited to see our new studio space, talk with participant artists, and learn about ways they can support our mission.