Creativity Starts Here!

The Momentum Program is designed to provide free art opportunities to underserved populations living with mental health and disabilities. Many of these individuals live in poverty and have limited resources at their disposal. Our services include an annual art competition & exhibition, free workshops, and open studio space. The opportunities provided through the Momentum program have created an avenue that allows participants to increase accessibility to art supplies, encourage interest in different art mediums, and inspire commitment in their own recovery process. Our workshops have engaged participants to pledge a creative undertaking as they examine their own lives through art. Most importantly, it allows participants freedom of expression without judgement.

Our goal is to offer creative space for those who have not been exposed to the arts, inspire disconnected artists, as well as enhance the skills of more advanced artists. We do this by partnering with local artists who provide instruction in various mediums, allowing Momentum to appeal to a wider audience. Not only does this benefit the population we work with, but it generates a greater understanding of mental health and disability within our community.

Through donations like yours, we are able to create a stable space where individuals can meet regularly and develop a trust that enhances the art that they are producing. Studio space generates an artistic neighborhood, in which participants can inspire each other. All services provided are FREE for Central Iowa artists impacted by disabilities such as traumatic brain injury, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and mental illness.

$5 Challenge

Vincent van Gogh said “GREAT THINGS happen when SMALL THINGS come together” and we believe in the power of small acts of kindness. Donate $5 now and post on social media tagging 5 friends to do the same! Together, you can all make a big difference.

Donate $25

Show your passion for giving and sponsor one of our art enthusiasts. Your donation will cover the costs associated for one artist to participate in a workshop. All workshops are offered free to artists with disabilities, so we need your help to ensure that we can continue to offer quality art workshops.


Donate $50

Show us your art aficionado card and donate to ensure we keep our shelves stocked at the studio. Your donation, along with lots of coupon clipping, will allow us to sustain a steady supply of critical supplies without skimping on quality.


Donate More

Some of our participants have unique challenges that require adaptive equipment to create art. It is crucial that we are able to accommodate artists of all abilities and inspire them to create. Art is limitless, and so is your donation. Please consider larger donations to help us invest in creative technology.


At Community Support Advocates we aspire to inspire. Workshops are intentionally thought out and planned to create a meaningful experience for individuals. You can be a part of the process by donating today.